G5           E5        C5               G5 
  I'm sorry mama, but I been drinkin again. 
C5                G5           D5                   C5 
  Me and the old man got us a head start on the weekend.
G5                   E5                            C5       
  And rest assured tonight I'm gonna be in Kevin's basement with all my
   C5                 G5                  D5                      C5
Provided we can get, get our lazy asses down to Bottle King by ten.
    E5   G5       C5                    G5 
The walk home is gonna be a real shit show.
        A5                    G5               D5                    C5
I'll be pickin up half smoked cigarette butts all up and down Rock Road.
     E5    G5         C5                        G5 
Then throw up in the warm glow of the traffic light.
A5                G5                D5                     C5 
I'm gonna put the devil inside me asleep if it takes all night. 
            G5      E5          C5                   G5
So lets get fucked up, and lets pretend we're all okay.  
    C5                    G5                         D5                   C5  
And if you got something that you can't live with, save it for another day.
G5            D5      G5 
Save it for another day.

2nd verse is the same.

         G5                    C5 
I need a timeout, I need an escape from reality
          D5                                  C5  (Repeat once)
Or else I need eternal darkness and death, I need an exit strategy.
             G5                  D5                         G5
So give me a Guiness, give me a keystone light, give me a kegger on a
friday night.
        G5                     D5        C(repeat once) 
Give me anything, but another year in exile.
          G5                 C5                D5             C5
I need a whiskey, I need a whiskey, I need a whiskey right now! 
         G5                 C5                  D5
I need a whiskey, I need a whiskey, God knows how many times I've said this
before, but I really don't feel like doing this anymore.

   G5                   D5         G5                                      D5
So Andy lets turn into dirty old men. Close down the bar every night at the 
Glen Rock inn.
                                D5               G5
Talk about our grandkids as we stroke out grey beards.
            G5                           D5            G5
Funny we're still doing car bombs after all of these years.
And I know there are bicycles waiting to ride,
But I could swear I heard voices on the other side.
       A5                      C5              D5
Saying wait until you see the whites of their eyes.
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