• Song:

    High On A Riverbed

  • Artist:

    Toad the Wet Sprocket

  • Album:


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Intro riff
 --------------------------------------- |      I
 -----1---0-1---------1---0-1----------- | 
 ---2---2-------0-------2--------------- | 
 -0-----------0-----0------------------- | 
 --------------------------------------- | 
 -----------------3--------------------- |     VI

Why try when everything I do seems half right...
A5  C5  E>

How can I feel satisfied, reading words from someone else's lies
<A5 C5 E>

           F5       C5
Sometimes I'm standing here
 G5             F5
High on a riverbed
        C5          A5
light breaks through
          E5                         F5              C5
and everything feels good for a while
High on a riverbed

That's the basic idea of this song. Good luck!
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