• Song:

    I Think About

  • Artist:

    Toad the Wet Sprocket

  • Album:


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Transcribed by: "daniel rodriguez" 

Riff 1
-------------0---------0----------------------- | 
--------0-----------0-----0-------------------- | 
------6----------6----------------------------- | 
----6-----------6------------------------------ | 
---4-----------4------------------------------- | 
----------------------------------------------- | 

         E                   B3                  A9
Watching me , A bird upon a Roof with coal-black feathers
       Riff 1                E               B3        A9
Cocks his hand,  To cath my eye wondering and unfocused i
cannot meet his stare.
             E           B3           A9                   E
He takes to wing silhouette aganist the sun sorrounded by the glare

 E            C#4           B3
Funny how the days go by invisibly
     A9          B3        A9               E
And faster than i realize the things i think about
    E                C#4        B3
strange to find the calendar my enemy
       A9           B3              A9
I am scared that when i die so will the things
I think about.

I believe in so many things...
leading me...

Repeat chorus:

And it ends like this...

Riff1        E
On and on and on....
Riff 1    B3      A9
On and on and on and on...
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