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Chords are as follows

C5 , G5 , A5 , E5 , F5

And she runs, through her days

with a smile, on her face

and she runs, and she waits

and i wait

We can drive to anyplace

day and night across this state

and in the morning, into mexico we will wake up


I found a window in the kitchen, i let my self in

rummaged through the refrigerator, poured myself a beer

i cant beleive im really here, and shes lying in that bed

i can almost feel her touch, and her anxious breath

i stumble in her hallway, outside her bedroom door

i hear her call out to me, i hear the fear in her voice

she pulls her covers tighter, i press against the door

i wanna be with her tonight.

i will be with her  oohh
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