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Verse 1:
A5                    E5
He'll be enough to make you cry
G5                        D5
He'll be enough to open your eyes
A5            E5              G5                   D5
To all the little things that make this world better
A5                     E5
He'll give you love you never know
G5                       D5
He'll give his heart only to you
A5          E5             G5         D5
And he'll make your life oh better

A5                  E5           G5               D5
So when he comes to you in the middle of the night
A5                       E5              D5
Cause he's scared to be alone in the dark
                A5      E5         G5      D5
You'll tell him everything's gonna be alright

Cause I will be your light
I will be your night
                 A5         E5        C5          D5
I will be that star in the sky who watches over you

Verse 2:
A5                   E5
You'll tell him everything you know
G5                         D5
You'll tell him "oh the places you'll go"
A5                   E5
So you can be a good man and
G5                    D5
make this world better.
A5                       E5
You'll give him all the love you have
G5                       D5
Even when he makes you so mad
A5        E5            G5                C5
Keep in mind, that he made your life better.

Prechorus 2:
A5                   E5         G5         D5
So when he comes to you and he's so confused
            A5                E5           D5
Because he wants to give his heart to another
                  A5     E5           C5       D5
You'll tell him everything's gonna be just fine

Repeat Chorus

A5                          E5
And when the years are going by too fast
A5                           E5
and he's growing up to be big and strong
A5                           E5
Know his love for you will last
C5                        D5
Even when he doesn't say it to your face
C5                         D5
Even when you have to put him in his place
C5                          A5
Know that he's a love that nothing in this
world can ever replace 

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