• Song:

    Right Where You Want Me To Be Acoustic

  • Artist:

    A Day To Remember

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Right Where You Want Me To Be   A Day To Remember
Capo 1

Intro x2
A Bm D

A                                              E                D
This is the first time in a long time that Ive felt like coming home for the holidays.
A                        E                 D      F
Everybodys rushing about, why wont anybody hear me out?

F#m       D          A                    E         F        F#m     D
My moneys low, so instead Ill write you a song everyone will know
Everyone will know, so here it goes

A       D       A           D                    F#m 
Can you hear me? I write so much and it makes me sick
         E   D
That its all   about you
A         D         A                           D 
Lets drop everything and not come back til next fall
F#m                 E         D
Everyone knows that youve got me right where you want me to be.

Intro (Shorter)

Im coming home for the bright lights and the long nights 
        E                       D                A
Driving around with your friends in your parents car
                            E                              D      F
We are the ones who made it out we are the ones who theyll talk about


F#m                       Bm
Looking back on what weve done this year
           D                                 E D
It was the best times, It was the worst times,  but we built something here
F#m Bm       D  E D    F#m Bm       E  D E
       RIGHT HERE!            RIGHT HERE!

Chorus x2
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