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Capo 5          

       G                          Em
You see the Sunday birds swinging low 
         G                        Em
And the fever in your brain only grows
        C                                    G
And the murder boys they're running down the street
          C                                   G
You can see them through the window from your seat
          D           C            G
Hear the sound of the mightiest of guns

When the shadows run like ghosts across your room
Do you take your world and burn it in a spoon
A mercy ship to sail you off to sleep
To where the crimson angels swim the deep
But there’s no hiding from the mightiest of guns

With every breath you drink in the night
Cause you won’t give up your blues without a fight
And looking at the sky there is no pain
And the stars keep falling down like burning rain
They were fired by the mightiest of guns

Harmonica Solo 

Tomorrow I'll be out of my mind 
The bear will dance and the organ will grind
I’m laughing cause I know there ain’t no sin
All the world on the head of a pin
Turning fast beneath the mightiest of guns
Turning fast beneath the mightiest of guns
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