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A nice simple little ditty from the great man; 
originally written for piano but transcribed here for guitar.


verse 1:

   F          Dm   F               Dm 
Oh no one can see, the way it will be

                  C      F
Your thread there on the loom

  F            Dm    F                Dm
And an unknown hand, will pull at the strand 

                  C    F
And guide you right on through

(folky root note lead in to chorus - F G A)


B             C       F      B F
And the roses die and bloom

B                C     F     B F
And I'm dreaming in my room

B            C       F/E     Dm
That you and I fell into the sky

B            C      F
Went dancing on the moon

Verse 2:

F            Dm       F               Dm
A comet will come and swing round the sun

             C     F
And you will be replaced

F              Dm   F                Dm
But until that day, sometimes I will pray

             C         F       (G A)
That you may find some grace


    B  F   (finish)

That's your lot, short but sweet - this is my first tab, any feedback welcome....
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