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    Dont Look Too Far Acoustic

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Intro: Em G F# X4

Bm (x24432@1)                       AIf (x02220@1)I begin to feel lighter
             GHold (320003@1)me down
                               F#And (244322@1)I'll be yours for evermore

Bm (x24432@1)                       AGod (x02220@1)bless this mess I'm in
               GFor (320003@1)it is time
                           F#To (244322@1)be rid of a certain sin

Bm (x24432@1)                        AA (x02220@1)cool breeze down my spine
                       GAnd (320003@1)if I'm really here
                 F#Then (244322@1)I feel fine

Bm (x24432@1)              AA (x02220@1)freelance child
                      GYou (320003@1)bring it all back
                               F#This (244322@1)world is eating me inside

Em G F#
        Don't look too far X4

Bm (x24432@1)                       AMissing (x02220@1)a degree of warmth
                      GA (320003@1)name without a face
                              F#I'm (244322@1)loosing grip all the same

Bm (x24432@1)                          AI (x02220@1)sever the line that divides
                            GI (320003@1)sever the feelings inside
                           F#I (244322@1)sever between you and me

Bm (x24432@1)                       AAnd (x02220@1)I want to learn to fly
                                GBring (320003@1)the pain right back again
                           F#Is (244322@1)this all there is of me

Bm (x24432@1)                            AHearts (x02220@1)and minds, find the time
                          GThat (320003@1)in the end there was
                                F#No (244322@1)possible reason for anything

Em G F#
        Don't look too far X12
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