• Song:

    The Michael Jordan Of Drunk Driving

  • Artist:

    Andrew Jackson Jihad

  • Album:

    Knife Man

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Pretty easy song. The walkdown at the end might not be right, but it'll do for now.

E (022100@1)             BThe (x2444x@1)Micheal Jordan of drunk driving 
           Aplayed (x02220@1)his final game tonight. 
   E (022100@1)              BAnd (x2444x@1)burdened by his loneliness, 
   Ahe (x02220@1)wanted to feel alive.  
    C#m (x13321@4)              BHis (x2444x@1)laziness built the pyramids 
        E (022100@1)              Aand (x02220@1)his solitude was a knife.  
            E (022100@1)             BThe (x2444x@1)Micheal Jordan of Drunk Driving 
           A (x02220@1)        Eplayed (022100@1)his final game tonight.
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