• Song:

    Truckers Are The Blood

  • Artist:

    Andrew Jackson Jihad

  • Album:

    Can't Maintain

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G C Em D
G C Em D

  Don't know if I believe in god
  But sometimes I pray
  Because the way I was raised
  Keeps me afraid

G                          C
  A scientist that has to have his way
Em                       D
  I subsist of a steady diet of shame

  C      Em        G
  I hope I can forgive me
       C          Em        D
  For having the nerve to exist
  C      Em           G
  I hope someone can help me
  C          Em        G
  Make some sense of this

  I work a ten hour grave
  From nine to seven
  And I can't fall asleep
  Until eleven past eleven

  There's no drug that I can take
  That will keep me from being awake
Em          D
  Past my, past my bedtime

  G                                                  C
  Truckers are the blood in the veins of the body of America
  Em                                                      D
  States are the arms and the legs and the brains and the eyes
  G                                         C
  There's a disease spreading from organ to organ
      Em                                 D
  And you are the white blood cell that fixes the problem

  C          Em           G
  You don't know your own power
  C          Em              D
  You don't know what you're worth
  C          Em             G
  You don't recognize your valor
          C                              D
  And until you do, nothing you do will matter 

G C Em D
G C Em D
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