• Song:

    Lazy Line Painter Jane

  • Artist:

    Belle And Sebastian

  • Album:

    BBC Sessions 96-97

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Lazy Line Painter Jane Chords by Belle And Sebastian

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Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 18:07:47 +0100
From: Fred Felix 
Subject: b/belle_and_sebastian/lazy_line_painter_jane.crd

By Belle & Sebastian

>From the EP 'Lazy Line Painter Jane'
Transcribed by Ben Ufton
Submitted by Thelonius

Working the village shop
Putting a poster up
Dreaming of anything
F#              Ebm               Bbm               G#m
Dreaming of the time when you're free from all the trouble you're in

In the mud, on your knees
Trying hard not to please
Anyone, all the time
F#              Ebm
Being a rebel's fine
           Bbm            F#
But you go all the way to being brutal

You will have a boy tonight
You will have a boy tonight
On the first bus out of town
On the first bus out of town

Let's see your kit for games
All the girls look the same
You are challenging style for running miles
You're running miles in some boy's jumper

Boo to the business world!
You know a girl who's tax free on her back and making
Plenty cash
While you are working for the joy of giving

You will have a boy tonight
You will have a boy tonight
And you hope that she will see
And you hope that she will see

You are in two minds
Tossing a coin to decide whether you should tell your mum
About a dose of thrush you got while licking railings

But you read in a book
That you got free from Boots
There are lotions, there are potions
You can take to hide your shame from all those prying eyes

Lazy Jane, all the time
Painting lines
You sleeping at bus stops
Wondering how you got your name
And what you're going to do about it.


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