• Song:

    One Fast Move Or Im Gone

  • Artist:

    Ben Gibbard

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Tabbed by: Don Tago

Standard Tuning [Capo III]

Intro/verse tab:
     G5 [strum]   C5 [strum]                  G5 [strum]  C5 [strum]
e | ---3-----------0--------------------------3----------0--------- | 
B | ---3-----------1-------------1p0----------3----------1--------- | 
G | ---0-----------0------------0------2p0----0----------0--------- | 
D | ---0-----------2-----------2------0-------0----------2--------- | 
A | ---2-----------3----------3------3-----2--2----------3--------- | 
E | ---3-----------0--------------------------3----------0--------- | 

Intro: G C G C or [play intro/verse tab]

Verse 1 chords:[use chords or tab above]
G5                C5    G5                        C5
  This river of road,   it don't flow like it used to
G5                    C5    G5                          
  But its more of a home    than anywhere that I've ridden it to 
G5                    C5      G5                    C5
  We used to dream together,    but now I drink alone
G5                         C5      G5                             C5
  From the bottle to the tumbler    is the only journey left I know 

Chorus 1 chords:
          A5       G5        C5           G5
And in my memories depths I retrace my steps 
A5        G5                D5
I cannot find where I went wrong 
       A5  C5    A5   D5      G5
It was one fast move or Im gone

Verse 2: [use verse 1 chords]
I found out at an early age I could make anything or plane 
Disappear or cease to exist if I turn my back to it 
And that the interstates, they dont connect 
Where you are to what youve left 
And the ghost of our dreams haunt the roads in between

Chorus 2: [use chorus 1 chords]
Though nothing could compare to the love we share 
It just didn't have a place to belong 
It was one fast move of I'm gone 
One fast move or I'm gone
One fast move or I'm gone
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