• Song:

    Sympathy For The Devil

  • Artist:

    Black Crowes

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This is a cover of Sympathy for the Devil (from Rolling Stones) made by the Black 
it's done with more than one guitar (that's why you can ear some variations all over the verse 
so this is a simple one guitar way of playing it.

Hope you like it because it's my first.

The strumming you get it feeling the song, I never play it the same way is all feeling 
moment, but try to use a lot of mute and chuck and even palm mute some verse parts to 
the beats/feeling of the song...

The chord progression is very simple, over the tab is the chord played:

You can see that is mostly powerchords
with the open B and E strings:

Intro and Verse

    E5  D5  A   E5
G|--9---7---6---9--(P)-|                   You don't really need to mute
D|--9---7---7---9--(E)-|                   the E string but I think it
A|--7---5---7---7--(A)-|                   sounds better that way.

    E5  A A#  B         E5
G|--9---66-7-8-8-666x66-9-|  repeat over the chorus
D|--9---77-8-9-9-777x77-9-|  and back to verse

The ending part uses the same chords as the intro
but open:

    E5  D5  A   E Dsus2 A
B|--0---0---0---0---3---2----|   When on the open chords try some pull-offs
G|--9---7---6---1---2---2----|   and hammer-ons with your index (when on E)
D|--9---7---7---2---0---2----|   your midle finger (when on Dsus2->D) or your
A|--7---5---7---2---0---0----|   ring finger (when on A)

That's it...it's quite simple...just work on the strumming and play with the beats!
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