• Song:

    Wiser Time

  • Artist:

    Black Crowes

  • Album:

    Freak 'N' Roll... Into ...

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The Black Crowes

Wiser Time

This is a great song and this is how i play it.

Standard Tuning


A          C           G     
No time left now for shame

A         C                 G
Horizon behind me no more pain

A           C               G
Windswept stars blink and smile

A        C              G
Another song, another mile

The other verses are exactly the same


G A              A B
   On a good day,   I know it ain't everyday

C   A    F#m     G
We can part the sea

G A                A B
   And on a bad day,  I know it ain't everyday

C   A   F#m7       G
Glory beyond our reach
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