• Song:

    Wiser Time

  • Artist:

    Black Crowes

  • Album:

    Freak 'N' Roll... Into ...

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From sjheil@ibm.net Sun Mar 31 19:37:53 1996
Date: Sun, 31 Mar 96 14:25:04 EST
From: sjheil@ibm.net (Steven J. Heil)
Subject: Wiser Time by The Black Crowes

Song:           "Wiser Time"
Artist:         The Black Crowes
Album:          _Amorica_
Tab by:         Steven J. Heil (sjheil@ibm.net)

Well, here's my shot at this great tune.  I play it tuned down
1/2 step (mostly because that's how my guitar's usually tuned),
but since it's all barres, you could play it in regular tuning.
(It would be easier in open E tuning, and I'd be willing to bet
that the Crowes play it that way to get the slides down right)


Progression #1: B - A# - G#

Progression #2: Ab - Bb - Bb,  Bb - C - C,  Eb - C - C# - Bb - C - Ab
- Ab

        NOTE:   Don't play the A# and B chords as E-barres - they
        ====    sound right. Play all of these as A-barres, except the


Song Structure:         Intro                   (Progression 1 X 4)

                        Verse 1                 (Progression 1 X 4)

                        Fill                    (Progression 1 X 2)

                        Verse 2                 (Progression 1 X 4)

                        Chorus                  (Progression 2 X 2)

                        Electric Guitar Solo    (Progression 1 X 4)

                        Verse 3                 (Progression 1 X 4)

                        Chorus                  (Progression 2 X 2)

                        Steel Guitar Solo       (Progression 1 X 4)

                        Organ Solo              (Progression 1 X 4)

                        Electric Guitar Solo    (Progression 1 X 4)

                        Chorus X 2              (Progression 2 X 4)

        NOTE:   There are tons of fills, licks, & slides all over the
        ====    fill, verses, choruses, and solos, but I'm strictly
                so good luck on those!

Wiser Time by the Black Crowes
found on "Amorica"

transcribed by Don Toye

Rich in open G tuning
Marc in stnd tuning

Bb	     C/A      G		
No more time left for shame
Bb	C/A		   G
Horizon behind me, no more pain
Bb	 C/A		G
Windswpt stars blink and smile
Bb	C/A	      G
Another song, another mile
Bb	C/A		G		
You read the line every time
Bb	    C/A		G
Ask me about crime in my mind
Bb	  C/A		G
Ask me why another road song
Bb	 C/A			G
Funny but I bet you never left home

G -> A	       A -> B
On a good day, it's not every day
D->B   C->A	B->G
We can part the sea
G->A                  A->B
    And on a bad day,   it's not every day
D->B   C->A    B->G
glory behind our reach

14 seconds until sunrise
Tired but wiser for the time
Lightning 30 miles away
Three thousand more in two days


jam follows (over verse chords), solos: acoustic slide, keyboard, elect. gtr.(Marc)


Open G:
Bb crd


G (open strgs)

C/A crd (pick each note individually before changing to G)

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