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Intro: D

           G                 C            G
How do you tell a child that someone has died
Innocent visions of youth are only a lie
  G                      C            G
I tried to tell them and lord knows I tried
                                D            G
But any way you break it you'll just make em cry

Little Tommy, I have bad news for you today
The teacher you loved Mr. Peterson
Has sadly passed away
He was killed by a motorist in a drunken act of rage
Let em live on in your heart
Now we must turn the page

Little Suzy, your father has passed on
His love for you was relentless as it was strong
If only he knew he'd be gone so soon
He would have tried and spent more time
But he's on God's clock, not yours and mine
Keep him in your heart each and every day
And there he will live on and never fade away

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