• Song:

    Cold Chillin Cold Chillin

  • Artist:

    Bomb The Music Industry

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G          C          Em                            C    
Cold face, cold legs. Walk three blocks and pay two bucks.

G   G/F#   Bb    C                   G 
One bold sign: Interference on the line, 

          C             G  G/F#     Em       D     
waiting twenty minutes time every time.

G            C         Em                  C
Transfer at Bedford, twenty more Manhattan bound,

G   G/F#     Bb    C                   G  
ten billion kids. I am happy with my flaws. 

C             G    G/F#     Em          D
I am happier when no one is around,  is around

    C                         G
And everybody looks around to blame our Brooklyn burning down

    C                                   G
On white kids, hipsters, students but we act like we?re not one of them.

     C                                     G             G/F#      Em     D
It?s easy. Just use your eyes to judge and go back to your powder drugs.

G         C     Em                              C
I?m no better. Smile while pushing through the crowd,

    G    G/F#    Bb            C             G    
?A round for friends.? Find a corner at the bar.

C                 D              G
Aberrations in a real confusing town.
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