• Song:

    Everybody Cryin Mercy

  • Artist:

    Bonnie Raitt

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The other tab is waaaaaaaay wrong.  This is done my mose alison orignally, so that might 
in a different key.  this is the bonnie raitt recording.  these chords might not be 
but its close

     G7                C#m9         Cm9
I don't believe the things I'm seein'

                G7              C#m9         Cm9
I've been wonderin' 'bout some things I've heard

C#m9     Cm9       Fm9    Em9
Everybody's crying mercy

            Cm9          D7             G7
When they don't know the meaning of the word

[Same as above]
A bad enough situation
Is sure enough getting worse
Everybody's crying justice
Just as soon as there's business first

Ebmaj7   D7 Ebmaj7      D7
Toe to toe, touch and go
Ebmaj7      D7             Cm9       D7
Give a cheer and get your own souvenir

Chords repeat, just listen for it.

Well you know the people running round in circles
Don't know what they're headed for
Everybody's crying peace on earth
Just as soon as we win this war

Straight ahead, gotta knock em dead
So pack your kit, choose your own hypocrite

You don't have to go to off-Broadway
To see something plain absurd
Everybody's crying mercy
When they don't know the meaning of the word

Nobody knows the meaning of the word
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