• Song:

    A Celebration Upon Completion

  • Artist:

    Bright Eyes

  • Album:

    A Collection of Songs W...

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ok im not sure if all of this is right so bear with me. also this is my first tab. if 
want to complain or anything my email is lil_damers@yahoo.com

intro: C Emin G Amin(im pretty sure he does some fancy finger picking and shit)

     C                                  Em9
my grandfathers name was moon because his eyes were bright and round, and no
G                           Am9
amount of time or liquor can dull

(repeat through out verses)

 F                                    G
and i guess time has a way of making everything all right its just theres
C             Am9
not enough of it
(repeat through out chorus)

thats it because i dont know the solo or whatever it is after the first chorus
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