• Song:

    Raining In My Heart

  • Artist:

    Buddy Holly

  • Album:

    30 All Time Greatest Hi...

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C                     C+
The  sun is out, the  sky is blue,

        Am              C7
There's not a  cloud to spoil  the view,

         F           G              C       G7
But it's raining    Raining in my heart !
    C               C+
The weatherman says clear today
   Am                   C7
He doesn't know you've gone away
         F        G             C      C7
And it's raining, raining in my heart!


 F     G             C
Oh, mise ry,      Miser y
 D7                                Dm     G7
What's        gonna be come    of  me eeeeee

   C                 C+
I tell my blues they mustn't show,
    Am                 C7
But soon the tears are bound to flow
            F        G             C
'Cause it's raining, raining in my heart!
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