• Song:

    Send Me Some Lovin

  • Artist:

    Buddy Holly

  • Album:

    Best Ever Buddy Holly V...

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Send Me Some Lovin':Buddy Holly & the Crickets.
Album - The Chirpin' Crickets - 1957.

#1. (Orig. key - Slow, rock.)

E                                 B   B7
Send me some lovin', oh send it I pray.
B         B7                         E   A E
How can I love you, when you're far away?

E                                B    B7
Send me your picture, send it my dear.
B                 B7              E   A E
So I can hold it, pretend you are here.

E7                   A                          E    A E
Can you send me your kisses? I still feel their touch.
E             F#                   B   B7 B
I need you so badly, I miss you so much.

B              E                        B B7
My days are so lonely, my nights are so blue.
B                B7      B7              E  A E
I'm here and I'm lonely, I'm waitin' for you.


A fifties smash from Kraziekhat.
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