• Song:

    Closer To The Truth

  • Artist:

    Butch Walker

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			Closer To The Truth - Butch Walker
Tabbed by: Andrew Hill
Email: hillie16@yahoo.com


Closer to the Truth
**updated 5/16/09**

Not sure about the one chord in the chorus, and what I'm playing I can't even find 
a name for the chord, I'll just call it D#6 for the purpose of making out the tab for now.

    D#6 (xx15xx@4)          E (022100@1)            A5 (x022xx@1)           F#5 (244xxx@1)           Ae|--x-----| (x02220@1)   e|--x-----|    e|--x-----|    e|--x-----|    e|--x-----|
B|--x-----|    B|--x-----|    B|--x-----|    B|--x-----|    B|--2-----|
G|--9-----|    G|--1-----|    G|--x-----|    G|--x-----|    G|--2-----|
D|--9-----|    D|--2-----|    D|--7-----|    D|--4-----|    D|--2-----|
A|--6-----|    A|--2-----|    A|--7-----|    A|--4-----|    A|--x-----|
E|--x-----|    E|--x-----|    E|--5-----|    E|--2-----|    E|--x-----|

    E5 (022xxx@1)           G5 (355xxx@1)  
e|--x-----|    e|--x-----|       
B|--x-----|    B|--x-----|    
G|--9-----|    G|--x-----|    
D|--9-----|    D|--6-----|    
A|--7-----|    A|--6-----|    
E|--x-----|    E|--4-----|    

ERibbons (022100@1)went flying out the window
       A5As (x022xx@1)we drove down the interstate
ESex (022100@1)was something so brand new
       A5It (x022xx@1)was hard as hell to wait
EShe (022100@1)made faces at the goddamn rednecks
          A5They (x022xx@1)say, look at you boy.. You must worship satan
EJust (022100@1)because I had the same long hair
	A5as (x022xx@1)the jesus in all their paintings

F#5 (244xxx@1)                        AYeah (x02220@1)but church just made me scared of words like
E5 (022xxx@1)               D#6sermon, (xx15xx@4)faith, and congregation
F#5 (244xxx@1)                   Ain (x02220@1)a world with so many answers left
E5 (022xxx@1)                  D#6why (xx15xx@4)do I need so many explanations
F#5 (244xxx@1)                G#5 (133xxx@4)                  A5to (x022xx@1)get closer to the truth and further from the sky
F#5 (244xxx@1)                      Aand (x02220@1)the static singes the speakers
E5 (022xxx@1)                      D#6like (xx15xx@4)a thousand hymns of inspiration
F#5 (244xxx@1)                           Athe (x02220@1)road just winds through the canyon like
   E5 (022xxx@1)                       D#6a (xx15xx@4)big black snake headed for salvation
F#5 (244xxx@1)                     G#5 (133xxx@4)                  A5I'm (x022xx@1)getting closer to the truth and further from the sky

Same pattern through the rest of the song for verses and choruses
A roadside venue wallpapered in menus
In a town that forgot it's own name
We were hungry for anything that had a pulse
As we freed ourselves from the rain
There's a disgruntled metalhead playing guitar
For a pop singer up on the screen
With his head slung low and guitar slung high
He just wants a chance to be seen

He tells me at the bar that he's on his last leg
That he used to have it all in his hands
And the girls don't think much of him these days
Which is hard for him to understand
Cuz he's a little bit old and a little bit thin
But he still has his heart in a sling
We pay for the drinks and the bartender drinks
And it couldn't be more late, yeah we're all so late


| /  slide up
| \  slide down
| h  hammer-on
| p  pull-off
| ~  vibrato
| +  harmonic
| x  Mute note

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