• Song:

    Jesus Friend Of Sinners

  • Artist:

    Casting Crowns

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Capo 3

          G                                C9          G
          Jesus friend of sinners, we have strayed so far away...
          C9  G  Em  D
          G    C9   G
          C9  G  Em  D

                         C9                    G                 D
          Always looking around but never looking up, I'm so double minded...
          C9  G   D
             G      C9     D
          Oh Jesus, friend of sinners...
          Em   D    C9
          G   C9 D
          Em   D    C
          Am-walk - G/B-walk - C9  G

Bridge Thingy-
                         Am-------walk-------- - G/B-walk - C9
          You love every lost cause, You reach for the outcast...
          G            F
          Am-walk - G/B-walk - C9
          G            D


          G                    G
          'Cause You are good, you are good...
          D            C9

One More Chorus, then last half of bridge for outro-
          Am-walk - G/B-walk - C9
          G            D
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