• Song:

    Spirit Wind

  • Artist:

    Casting Crowns

  • Album:

    Come To The Well

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Casting Crowns plays on Capo 4, but I play on Capo 3 for singing reasons.
G* = G chord with walking down to Em.
D* = D chord with D4 thrown in there a couple times.

Intro: E5 C5 G5 * E5 C5 G5


 E5            C5             G5 *
Ezekiel stared down into the valley

E5                    C5             D5 *
Filled with dry bones baking in the sun

E5                   C5           G5
Remains that used to be a mighty army

   C5                         D5                  E5
To him , it looked like their fighting days were done


    E5          C5              G5 *
But driven by a calling on his life

   E5                     C5              D5 *
He spoke God's words, the bones began to shake

   E5                      C5              G5
He stared wide-eyed as the flesh began to form

          C5                 D5
And as he prophesied to the wind

The soldiers began to wake


        G5             A5            C5
And the Lord sent His wind into the valley

    E5                     C5               D5
And breathed the breath of life into their souls

    G5           A5             C5
And raised them again a mighty army

    D5                 E5                   C5
For soon these arisen warriors will battle again

    C5                                     E5
For they have been filled with the Spirit Wind

C5 G5 D5 E5 C5 G5 D5 E5
Woah, woah, woah...


      E5      C5                       G5 *
A pastor stands before his congregation

E5            C5            D5 *
Once a mighty army for the Lord
    E5              C5               G5
But now he stares into the lifeless eyes

          C5                   A5
Believers leading carnal lives
           D5                     E5
He wonders what they're fighting for


    E5          C5              G5 *
But driven by a calling on his life

   ( F#5 )        E5                    C5             D5
He spoke God's word like he'd done a hundred times before

    E5                 C5          G5
But this time he comes broken and weeping

     C5                 D5
With tears of a broken heart

And he cries out to the Lord



     C5  G5    D5          E5
Holy Spirit, breathe on me

C5            G5        D5
Breathe Your life in me



Romans 10:13
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