• Song:

    Your Love Is Extravagant

  • Artist:

    Casting Crowns

  • Album:

    Casting Crowns

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D/F# G Bm Asus    D/F# G Bm Asus 
Your love is extravagant 

Your friendship, it is intimate 
I find I'm moving to the rhythm of Your grace  

Your fragrance is intoxicating in our secret place 

Your love is extravagant 
A                                    Em                    D/F# G 
Spread wide in the arms of Christ  
                                    Bm   Asus 
is the love that covers sin 
A                                             Em           D/F# G 
No greater love have I ever known  
You considered me a friend 
                                  ( D/F# G Bm Asus ) 
Capture my heart again
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