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    Call on Me

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    Chicago Greatest Hits

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"Call On Me" by Chicago
Chicago VII 1974

For the intro, I strum the first six chords once and then make-up my own kind of rhythm. 
 Also, sliding up the fretboard from Am and A#m a little sounds like the recording.
It would help to play all of the chords using barre chords, and a wah-wah pedal is needed.

Intro:  Am  Bm  Dm    A#m  C#m  Em
Bm    Dm    Am     Bm    C#m  Em   C#m  Em
A#m       A#m  Bm  C#m

For the verses, I play a strumming pattern of:

 w w x w u x u u x d u d    with w(down), u(up), and x(muted)

Verse 1:
C#m                                             Bm
The feeling was clear, clear as a blue sky on a sunny day
Everything was you, oo ooo
D                          C#m                          Bm
'Cause no one made me feel, the way I felt with you, oh oohh
                  C#m C#m   D
Call on me 'cause  I  love you
    C#m C#m D6     C#m C#m D        A#m    A#m  Bm  C#m
You know I do, you love me too.

For verse 2, the strumming pattern stays the same, but for the first D chord, I play:

 w u w u w  x w x w x  (twice)

Verse 2:
C#m                                             Bm
Then came a change, when I said I would soon be leavin' you
Nothing else to do, oooh
D                   C#m                            Bm
But please remember I'll never lose the thought of you
                  C#m C#m D
Call on me 'cause  I  love you
    C#m  C#m D6      C#m C#m  D          A#m
You know  I  do, you love me too, oo ooo
Hoo ooh oh oh hoh

I ad-lib on rhythm for the instrumental.  It's difficult to hear the guitar
over the brass and percussion anyways.

Instrumental 1:  A#m  Bm      C#m     Em      Bm       Dm
Am        Cm          Bm        Gmaj7    Bm  Cm  Dm

Same strum pattern as verse 1

Verse 3:
Dm                                         Cm
You've got to find someone else to somehow take my place
Share his life with you, oo ooo
Eb                        Dm                      Cm
But if you need a friend, you can always count on me
                   Dm Dm  Eb
Count on me 'cause I  love you,
    Dm   Dm Eb6     Dm  Dm  Eb          Bm
You know I do, you love me too, oo ooo

Instrumental 2: Bm    Dm       Am      Bm   Cm   Bm

You can count on me, ooh oh (baby)
G                D
You can count on me

(repeat until done)
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