• Song:

    Old Days

  • Artist:


  • Album:

    Chicago Greatest Hits

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This is mostly played with half-notes and whole notes- some of the chords are tricky though

intro:Em  Dm  F  Em  G     Em  Dm  F  Em  G    

Old Days                           Good Times I remember       
C          Em7  F6/9            C                 Dm7      F       G

Fun Days                           Filled with simple pleasures
C          Em7  F6/9            C                 Dm7      F       G

        Drive in Movies                      Comic Books and blue jeans
Dm7                    G13     Dm7                    G13

       Howdy Doody                Base ball cards and birthdays..
Dm7                    G13     Dm7                    E7 sus       E7

chorus take me back                   to a world gone away
             Am                    C/Ab                C/G

memories                       seem like yesterday
Am                    C/Ab                C/G               F#m

F       Am       F       Am       Dm7   Em7   F   Gsus4   G6

repeat intro, verse, and chorus-and then play

Old Days  on my mind and in my heart to stay
F    C       G                       F        C          G     repeat and fade out
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