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G5 C5 D5 G5 

1.She got a roof that don't leak 
  When the rain's pourin' down 
  She got a place I can sleep 
  Where I'll be safe and sound 
  She got a lock on her door 

  Oh, but I got the key 

  She don't walk the floor 

  But she worries about me 

C.Her love has no strings 
  Shackles or chains 
  G5                            C5 
  But I'm holdin' on for dear life 
             G5              D5             C5        G5 
  It's like rollin' a seven every time I roll the dice 
2.She got a big ol' smoke wheel 
  She got a dog that won't bite 
  She got a heart I can steal 
  Just like a thief in the night 
  She got a slow burning fire 
  She keeps the radio low 
  But when she gets all inspired 
  We let the good times roll
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