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D5              A5         B5              A5
Last night you told her, you could never hold her
       G5                      A5
Cause cowboys just got to be free
D5              A5         B5            A5
Her heart was breakin', and yours was achin'
         G5             A5           D5
But you saddled up to follow your dreams

D5               A5         B5               A5
Coffee on your campfire, wind through the barbed wire
G5                        A5
You huddle close to the flames
D5                 A5               B5           A5
Though she's far behind you, the night wind reminds you
        G5         A5              D5
It just keeps on whispering her name

A5              G5           D5
You can make a run for the border
A5                  G5           D5
Try to hide in the hole in the wall
B5                               A5
But don't you know your arms are achin' to hold her
     G5                              A5
And cowboy even though you're ridin tall
Your ridin' for a fall

D5             A5        B5                A5
Midnight the moons up, hands around your tin cup
    G5                       A5
The frost settles in on the sage
D5                    A5      B5                  A5
The night's gettin' colder, and man your gettin older
G5            A5            D5
Tonight your feelin' your age

D5                A5          B5                      A5
So why don't you turn back, just saddle up and back track
                G5                            A5
You know you'll never find a love quite like hers
             D5                   A5
And tell me, on a cold lonesome evenin'
B5                         A5
What the hell good's your freedom
          G5                   A5            D5
Don't you think it's time you hung up your spurs

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