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Intro: F Bb ___________________________
|                                     |
|       F4x (133211@1)             Bb4x (x1333x@1)      |
| e|------------- | ----------------| | 
| B|------------- | ----------------| |
| G|------------- | ----------------| |
| D|---3322------ | ---3322---------| |
| A|-------33---- | -11----33-------| |
| E|-11---------- | ----------------| |

Verse 1:
FOnce (133211@1)blind I've been granted sight
I see the way You changed my life
BbYou (x1333x@1)pulled me from the darkest night
                               GmI'm (355333@1)forever Yours and You are mine
        Bb (x1333x@1)  CYou (x32010@1)are mine

Chorus :
F (133211@1)       CI (x32010@1)cannot be silent
Dm (xx0231@1)          BbI (x1333x@1)have to scream and shout it
F (133211@1)              C (x32010@1)            Dm (xx0231@1)BbYour (x1333x@1)love is the light inside of me    whoa

Verse 2:
FNow (133211@1)changed I'm blameless in Your sight
Your cross has opened up my eyes
BbYou (x1333x@1)took my place and called me child
                               GmI'm (355333@1)forever Yours and You are mine
        Bb (x1333x@1) CYou (x32010@1)are mine

Bridgetro:  Gm  F  C
Gm (355333@1)                         BbDay (x1333x@1)after day I will follow Your ways
F (133211@1)                      CLiving (x32010@1)for the love that saved me 
Gm (355333@1)              BbI (x1333x@1)will stand upon Your truth
        F (133211@1)              CI (x32010@1)will stand and not be moved

Transcriber's Note: 
    First of all I wrote this out in F because that's the key it is played in
and is easier to learn this way. I think the rift in the beginning on
electric sounds best in this key, but it's not easiest to play. Let me know
if you want a copy in a different one. I might go ahead and put one in A for
easier playing and singing.
    Secondly, the, "Bridgetro", is just the chords preceding the Bridge,
which are in fact different then the Bridge chords unlike most worship songs.
Just Youtube it to get a feel for whats going on and to practice the rift.
Enjoy and let me know if you what you think.

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