• Song:

    Each Others Blessing

  • Artist:

    Christopher Williams

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"Each Others Blessing"
        by Chrisopher Williams
              tabbed by Tim Cummings

This is certainly not the way Chris plays this song.  He uses a cut capo on the fourth fret.  However, 
this version seems to work alright, but you can tell it isn't perfect.  Any suggestions or changes would be cool.


    E  E2   A   B   C#m 

e --0---0---0---0----4-----
B --0---0---0---0----5-----
G --1---2---6---8----4-----
D --2---2---7---9----6-----
A --2---2---7---9----4-----
E --0---0---5---7----x-----

            *Note: A and B are in open form (open B and e strings)


E E2 E A  x2

Verse 1:

E  E2    E
I am the bread
You are the wine
C#m           B      A
We are meant to be broken

E   E2     E
To share our lives
With fruit from the vine
C#m         B              A
With these words they are spoken


C#m         B      A
There is freedom in you
C#m         B          A
There is strength in confessing
C#m         B            A
There is giving in to the truth
E               B         A
That we are each others blessing

Verse 2:

E  E2    E
Stepping back
Moving Forward
C#m            B      A
Trying to find solid ground

E  E2      E
Taking the time
to wander that way and
C#m              B          A
needing, what's already found


B                  A
No mountain is too high
B                 A
No valley is too low
B               A
No Water is too wide
E        B       A
For this love to go
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