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Date: Tue, 19 Nov 1996 15:17:29 +1100 (EST)
From: mike 
Subject: "choir girl".crd Cold Chisel

"Choir Girl" by COLD CHISEL (d. walker)


C                           Am
Lookin like a choir girl
      Dm7                   C
She's cryin like a refugee

C                           Am
Loves me like a sister
Dm7                              C
She loves me like an only child

Dm  Am7           G
One nurse to hold her
Dm   Am7            Dm7          G7           Em
 One nurse to wheel her down the corridors of healing
For I've been tryin'
      G7                    C
she's cryin like a refugee
Dm    Am              G
she's my connection      yeah
Dm         Am     Dm7         G             Em
 I'll hold on and never never never let her down
'cause she's alone
       G7                          C
She    loves me like an only child
(she's cryin like a refugee)

Suffer little children
Suffer little children
send a little child to me
send a little child to me
All day the docotor
All day the docotor
G                      G7
He handles his responsibility

Am7 x02213
Dm7 xx0211

-submitted by Mike Hiltonwood
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