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Date: Mon, 26 Jan 1998 21:56:39 +1100
From: Russell & Charlie 
Subject: BTAB & PRO: c/cold_chisel/standing_on_the_outside

Song: Standing On The Outside
By: Cold Chisel
Album: Chisel
Transcribed by: Russell Edwards roemcs@melb.alexia.net.au

G -------------------------------------4----------------------|
D -----4-4---4--4-4---------4-------7----7-5--5--5-5-4----4-4-|
A -5-7-----7--------7-5--7----7-5-----------------------7-----|

I'm [D]standing on the outside [G]lookin' in
I'm [D]standing on the out[D/C#]side [B]lookin' in
Whoa, [A]I never [G]strayed outside the [D]law

Bass in 2nd verse:
   D        G      D        B    A   G     D
G -/9-7------------/9-7--------------------------|
D ------9-7-------------9-7-9-9--7-7-------------|
A ----------10-10--------------------10-10-5-5-5-|

I'm [D]standing on the outside [G]lookin' in
A [D]room fulla money and I'm [B]born to win
And [A]no amount of [G]work's gonna get me through the [D]door

When [D]I go walkin' down [G]Blue Water bay
I [D]surface in the city [D/C#]at the [B]end of the day
Whoa, [A]I got a [G]bad case of the [D]bends

I'm [D]standing on the sidewalk [G]you can see
[D]Somebody every[D/C#]body [B]wants to be
But [A]they got the means to [G]justify every [D]end

I [D]got a friend broke through [G]illegally
[D]Pulled A job on A small [D/C#]town [B]T.A.B.
[A]Five grand down on his [G]own little piece of [D]Eden

And I know				x 2
The [E]first thing I'll do when I [A]get into town
Is buy a [F#]22 and cut the [B]whole thing down [B/A]
[G]No amount of work's gonna [C]buy my way to [B]freedom [A] [G]

Short break

I'm [E]on the outside [A]lookin' in
I'm [E]standing on the out[E/Eb]side [C#]lookin' in
[B]Whoa, [A]whoa, oh[E]yeah

I'm [E]standing on the outside [A]lookin' in
I'm [E]standing on the outside [C#]lookin' in
[B] [A] [E]

[E] [A] [E] [C#] [B] [A] [E]	x 3

[NC/F#] [NC/Ab] [NC/A] [B]Whoa, [A]whoa, oh[E]yeah	x 3
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