This is cReed’s Higher Acoustic Geetar part
The strumming is: (D=down, U=up)  d dudu d dudu d du

          D                                       G                                                D        G     
When dreaming… i’m guided to another world…time and time agaiiiiiiiiin

At sunrise… continue the progression

     D/F#                              G                                                                    G
So let’s go there….let’s make our escape, c’mon  let’s go there…let’s ask can we stay…dudu
(From go, make, and go play 8 beats with half notes)       

               D            A          G        D                  A        G               D
Chorus:  Can you take me higher…to a place where blind men see
                                                         D               A           G            D
                                                      …to a place with golden streets

D           A           G                 D            A         G
said up high I feel like I’m alive for the very first time… (so on)
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