• Song:

    Final Curtain

  • Artist:

    Cross Canadian Ragweed

  • Album:


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Intro and Main Riff

Intro chords:
D  A  E
D  A  E
D  A  E
D  A  E

                     B                              E
Atlantic City, I was busted and the wind was bitter cold
                     B                     E   
Well I never quite adjusted, never do so I suppose
                    D A                   E  
The odds were in my favor going home a millionaire
                        D   A                    E 
Got all the gold in California, she’s with me everywhere

                   D      A                   E   
When the last star crumbles and the sun sinks in the sea
                  B                      E 
The last chain is broken and everyone is free
            D        A                  E   
When all is said and done and now is used to be
                D                          A                              E
When it’s final curtain calls and no one’s left at all, there’ll still be you and me

So much snow I can’t remember what it’s like to see the ground
It all started in November and now March is rolling ‘round
Let it all fall down, let it freeze me to the bone
I’m gonna let it all ride, I got nothin’ left to hide, nothin’ left unshown


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