• Song:

    I Cant Sleep Again

  • Artist:

    Cross Canadian Ragweed

Artist:  Cross Canadian Ragweed
Song:    I can't sleep again
Album:   Garage  (?)
Posted by: Jimi Hoffman

 Intro tab=        e]--------------]
                   a] 0-0-3/4---0--]
Verse 1
         A               G      A               
         On the floor now, on the floor now
                              D   E                   A   G
         Well it started again, Yeah well it started again
              A           G        A
         Hold the door now, hold the door now
                            D       E                  A             
         Wont you let me in, said why don't you let me in

         It's just been six long days and i'm on my way

         Will I ever see the end

         Got a heavy load down a dead end road
             B                    C                B
         And i can't sleep again, I can't sleep again

Verse 2

         Hold the phone now, hold the phone now

         Well you're callin' again

         Why don't you call again

         Say me name little girl, say my name little girl

         Even though it's a sin, yeah well you know it's a sin
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