• Song:

    A Sigh

  • Artist:

    Crowded House

  • Album:

    Time On Earth

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A SIGH  -       crowded house 

Capo 2nd fret   

Intro:  [C - Dadd2/4 - Am - Gsus - G] 

[C] A sigh [Dadd2/4] 

from the [Am] deepest world

You can [Gsus4] tell a [G] lot by not [Em] saying a thing

[F] This truth [Dadd2/4]

Be- [Am] tween us my friend

This [Gsus4] longing [G]

[C] A sigh [Dadd2/4]

[Am] for loneliness to end

[Gsus4] No   chan- [G] ging [Em] the story now

[Fmaj7] A sigh [Dadd2/4]

from [Am] the emptiest part

It's a [Gsus4] tender place [G]

[C] A sigh [Dadd2/4 - Am] 

Is [Gsus4] more than I can [G] bear

This [Em] show is not fooling [Fmaj7] anyone [Dadd2/4]

But it's [Am ] all for you

But [Gsus4] I think your mind is [G] made up

[C - Dadd2/4 - Am - Gsus4 - G - C]// 


Dadd2/4 x54030
Gsus4   3x0013
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