• Song:

    Nobody Wants To

  • Artist:

    Crowded House

  • Album:

    Time On Earth

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Nobody Wants To - Crowded House
Album - Time On Earth

Capo 1

F = 332010
F* = 330010
Asus4 = 002230

Intro- Am, Asus4, F, F*  X3, Am. Asus4

Tip-just put down or take the finger off half way through your strumming pattern during 
verses to get the F/C* and Am (you can tap it off and on every so often if u'd like)

Verse 1

F           F*                        Am         Asus4
Down on the ocean floor, That's where I'm heading for
F           F*                        Am         Asus4
Hold on to a sinking stone, Until the worst is known


Dm              F Am G
Nobody wants to think about it
Dm              F Am G
Nobody wants to, talk about it
Dm               F Am G
Nobody protects you

Verse 2

They make it go away, pretending that it's all okay,
broken pieces on the ground, everyones tip-toeing around



Am                        F
Are We losing something
E                          F
We used to cry, we used to say why
Am           F  E                         F
For all i know, I might not get home
Am                F
But I found out
 E                           F
If we open it up, we could work this out

Chorus, without last line

                       Dm           F          Am       G
right now.....what you suspected all along
Dm                   F        Am         G
everything he told you was wrong
 Dm             F   Am       G       Dm   
     Am      G
and you can see if you want. but nobody wants to

Chorus chords X 4
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