• Song:

    Caught In A Lie

  • Artist:

    Darren Criss

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E                  B
We've been playing all of our lives
Abm7          A
in a world of little white lies and if
E                         B
we're gonna make it then we're gonna have to fake it and
Abm7           A
no ones gonna realize

that we've got

C#m      B      F#       A
nothin' but the songs we sing
C#m        B      F#       A
before we know what's happenin'
C#m      B      F#       A
we might be the next big thing
F#                                     A                              E
and i wish we could escape it but lets face it now we're caught in a lie

Or something like that. Anyway, this is really short, but I really like this song (And 
god, Little White Lies is awesome). Gotta love Darren Criss, what else can I say? Hope it 
helps :)
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