Dave Mason: We Just Disagree

E - A - A-B x8

(A-B)  E           C#m         B                    A
Been away, haven't seen you in awhile, how've you been

              A    B  C#m
Have you changed your style and do you

E                  C#m               B                   A
think, that we've grown up differently, don't seem the same

               A    B  C#m       E
Seems you've lost your feel for me

          C#m  B  E               C#m       C#m-B   E
So let's leave it alone, 'cause we can't see ey-e to eye

C#m   C#m   B  E    E     A    C#m   C#m   B  E   E      A
there ain't no good guys,      there ain't no bad guys

A        (A-B)   (C#m B)    (A E)      (A A)   B    E
there's (on-ly) (you  and) (me and) (we just) disagree

A     B  C#m-B  A  C#m   E
ooh-ooh-oohoo, oh-oh-o-woah

I'm going back, to a place that's far away, how 'bout you
Have you got a place to stay why should I
care, when I'm just tryin' to get along, we were friends
but now it's the end of our love song

Chorus x2

For the middle two lines of the chorus ("there ain't" through "disagree"), play the 
chords on each word (or syllable for hyphenated words).

Dave keeps it simple - don't throw in quick changes. Some of the 2nd chords in 
parentheses during the chorus may not even be necessary.

I got these chords pretty much spot-on from this video -
I know Dave doesn't play in standard tuning, but he also plays a 12-string, so unless 
you're going for full authenticity...
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