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    I Believe

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Capo on the fourth fret
E5                             C5            G5                        C5
It's hard to imagine that our love story is one that will come to an end
E5                     C5                      G5                           C5
I fell so hard for you you pulled me right in so i'm not gonna sit and pretend
E5                   C5                         G5                             C5
That I'm so over it and I don't wanna see you and deep down inside that's a lie
   E5                     C5                 G5                        C5
I look at the pictures of you and me and it hurts that I have to say goodbye

    E5 C5         G5                D5 
And I believe in wishing on stars dreaming out so far
    E5   C5       G5                   D5
And i believe in things would change you stop playing games
E5                           C5               G5                       D5
And live like you never been hurt before to live life like heaven on Earth
I believe
  C5 (hold)
I believe
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