• Song:

    Angels In The Room

  • Artist:

    Delta Goodrem

  • Album:


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This is an awesome song with great vocals. I play it acoustic and finger picked but, it 
sounds good any other way. Not sure about every second line of the verses it sounds like 
sometimes and Em7 other times. Let me know what you all think.

Cadd9             Em7
I know there's something here
        Cadd9              Em7 (or D sounds good too)
There's more than meets the eye
Cadd9             Em7
More strange more beautiful
       Cadd9             Em7 (or D)
Than these words can describe

Don't know how I got here
The past has come and gone
I just know I have found
The place my heart belongs

Cadd9          Em7
And I want to stay
       Cadd9               D
I feel safe here in your light
Cadd9             Em7
This must be what heaven's like
       Cadd9               D
Must be angel's in the room tonight

So much here in this world
I'll never understand
I'll have to learn to trust
I'll do the best I can

All the mistakes I've made
The wrong turns on this road
Have only led me to your arms
And all I know

I want to stay
I feel safe in your light
This must be what heaven's like
Must be angels in the room
Oh can you feel it too
Must be angels in the room tonight
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