• Song:

    I Dont Care

  • Artist:

    Delta Goodrem

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That(Dm)boy is working you
Be(C)careful what you do
They(Bb)say he?s nothing but(C)trouble with an attitude
Well(Dm),I?m leading intervention and(C)I?ve friends with good intentions
See(Bb)if you don?t walk away,girl(C) you must be crazy

They(Dm)don?t(Bb)see through these(C)eyes they don?t(Bb)with this heart(Dm)
They don?t(Bb)know what it?s(C)like oh,oh,oh(Dm)they?re not(Bb)kissing your(C)
lips they?re not(Bb) touching like(Dm)this I feel the(Bb)passion and the(C)fire
ignite me

I don??t(Dm) care what they(Bb)say I don?t(C)care what they(Dm)do they can (Bb)
lock m? up(Dm)forever try to(C)stop me loving you
(Dm)they tried to keep(Bb)Romeo and(C)Juliet(Dm)apart
Baby,it(Bb)doesn?t matter(Dm)what they say(C)I only listen to my(Dm)heart

I(Dm)don?t care what they(Bb)say(C)Nothing?s gonna stop me loving you I(Dm)care
what they(Bb)say(C)

(Dm)your body feels so right(C)laying by my side(Bb)and if the world should
end tonight,baby I?d be(C)satisfied I?m(Dm)not gonna carry it I?m(Bb)sorry they
don?t understand it you(C)make me feel like I never could

Chorus:I don?t care...

Oh.(Dm)oh,nobody can tell(Bb)me how you(C)feel
oh,(Dm)oh nobody can tell me(Bb)what is(C)real)
Words(Dm)can?t shake(Bb)what I know it?s(C)true
Nothing?s(Dm)gonna stop(Bb)me loving(C)you

Bridge after the first verse they don?t see....

Chorus:I don?t care...(2x)

I(Dm)don?t care what they(Bb)do nothing?s(C)gonna stop me loving you I(Dm)don?t care
what they(Bb)say I?m gonna(C)love you anyway I(Dm)don?t care what they (Bb)do
nothing?s(C)gonna stop me loving you I(Dm)don?t care what they say(Bb) I?m(C)
gonna love you anyway

Outtro chord:Dm

That?s all I hope you enjoy have much fun by playing I don?t care!
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