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I play this song on Capo 2 and with no intro. During the first verse and pre-choruses I
lightly and then on Chorus first time, I also play lightly. In the actual song, she does
little instrumental break before the Bridge. I just skip that when I play. Anyway, hope 
like it! God bless you!

   Em7    C        G
I follow all the rules
          Em7      C   G
Well, at least I'm trying
       Em7       C          G
Hoping when my days are through
Em7       C     G
You'll be pleased

     Em7         C       G
I've lived the longest days
             Em7      C    G
Thinking my heart was so bad
     Em7        C           G
Too scared to look in Your face
        Em7  C  G
Oh, if only I had

           D         Em
Is it alright if I stay here all night
by the shoreline?

   Em7       C             G       D
I cannot believe You are angry or unjust
          Em7        C         G             D
You have done nothing but have compassion on us
 Em7     C            G     D
So be near when I've given up
Em7        G
Be near me...

     Em7      C         G
I'm just like everyone else;
       Em7 C    G
we are all hiding
       Em7     C       G
Acting like I have a wealth
       Em7       C   G
of knowledge and peace

    Em7  C        G
But all I've ever wanted
         Em7         C               G
and what men have given their lives for
     Em7     C         G        Em7
Is a GOD who understands my weaknesses,
   C            G
a God that I can love

Repeat Pre-chorus
Repeat Chorus

   Em7             C           G
I believe You are good and righteous
       Em7           C         G
You've given me Your reckless love
Em7      C  Em7   G
So be near, be near

Repeat Pre-chorus
Repeat Chorus 2xs (first time soft, then heavy)

Em7    D
Be near,
Em7      G
be near me

End on G
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