• Song:

    Supermellow Man

  • Artist:

    Echo & The Bunnyman

  • Album:


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Supermellow Man 

D        D7   D          D7  
Will you walk through my storm
G                  D
Can I be your one and only
D        D7       D            D7 
Will you talk me through 'till dawn
G                      D
Never felt so lost and lonely

     C                G  D    Dsus4  D
When night turns into morning
    C                           G    D   Dsus4  D
And you don't know how long you must wait
   C             G   D       Dsus4  D
As life came without warning
     C            G        D
Your destiny will come too late

In the pool of my life
Kissing the ground that made me
Ancient rules wrong from right
Wish I'd found you when you could save me

Chorus except lat line:
     C            G        A    Am  G  Dm    Am  G  Dm
Your destiny will come too late

Can it ever be the same will we ever dream again
Walk through the sweet, sweet pain of love
No one ever broke the bough the cradle fell anyhow
There's angels in the thunder clouds, above

Chorus 2X

By: José Duarte
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