• Song:

    Different Finger

  • Artist:

    Elvis Costello

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From michael@magick.net Fri May 16 08:01:56 1997
Date: Tue, 13 May 1997 02:02:55 GMT
From: michael p mccullough 
To: schnitzi@east.isx.com, guitar@olga.net
Subject: TAB: Different Finger /////  Elvis Costello
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Different Finger
Words & Music by: Elvis Costello
>From the album: TRUST

A7              D                                  A7
Please put your rings on a diff'rent finger if you meet me tonight
'Cause I can't stand those suspicious glances
'Cause I know the things they're saying are right

        D7     G
They're saying why don't you straighten up
And see what you've got to lose
C                                                            G
Put it all down to fate but you still got the chance to choose

G                         F          C
I don't want to hear your whole life story
    A                                       D       D7
Or about my strange resemblance to some old flame
G                 F        C
All I want is one night of glory
D                                  G
I don't even know your second name


A7   D   A     D D7 G  D   A7    D

B7              E
Please put your rings on a diff'rent finger
'cause we've got so much at stake
I can't stand those suspicious glances
'Cause they seem to cover ev'ry move I make

E7       A                        E
But if I can be alone with you completely tonight
Put your rings on a diff'rent finger
                      A  E  F#m7 (XX2222) E
Before I turn out the light


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