• Song:

    Home Is Anywhere

  • Artist:

    Elvis Costello

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From: wvaughan@magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu (William Vaughan)
Subject: CRD Elvis Costello "Home is Anywhere..."

Here's "Anywhere...." - let me know of any corrections, as I won't swear its
100% correct (words or music).

Capo at the second fret - when I write a G, it is really an A

                     D G
Here comes Mr. Misery

                    D          G
He's tearin out his hair again

He's crying over her again

G/A      G/Ab    G
Standing in the supermarket

Em              A
Shouting at the customers

D                     G
Here comes Mr. Misery

With a mouthful of gold and blood

     G/A    G/Ab    G
He's comtemplating murder again

Em            A
He must be in love

         G                 D
Well she knows she doesn't want you

        F#                       Bm
But you can'tseem to get in your head

E                D
Oh and you can't sleep at night

       F#                 Bm
As she haunts you in your bed

When your tired of talking

And you can't drink it down

       F#                    Bm
So you hang around and drown instead

G                   D
Home isn't where it used to be

G          A     G   G/F#  Em7  D
Home is anywhere you hang your head

You hang your head, Home is anywhere

You hang your head, Home is anywhere

You hang your head, Home is anywhere

G   G/f#  Em7  D
You hang your head

*Third and fourth verse, same as first two*

Here comes Mr. Misery
Lookin for a place for his mouth to shoot saying
You look cute in your birthday suit
You tore him out and screwed him up
like a bent page in a naughty picture book

The day ended as it began
except he was sicker and older than
The man he was this morning and
The world has wiped its mouth since then
or maybe it was yawning

Chorus again
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