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    The Box Collection (dis...

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C       G      C
Angels, answer me,

G       Am      F            G
Are you near if rain should fall?

C    G      C
Am I to believe

G        Am       F       G
You will rise to calm the storm?

        F      Em       Am         Dm    G7
For so great a treasure words will never do.

C       G       C
Surely, if this is,

G     Am     F        G   C
Promises are mine to give you.

G        C
Mine to give...

A     D       E7       A
Here, all too soon the day!

D         E7     F#m      A    C#m  E
Wish the moon to fall and alter tomorrow.

I should know

D      E7      A
Heaven has her way

D        E7    F#m   A      E
Each one given memories to own.

Angeles, all could be
Should you move both earth and sea
Angeles, I could feel
All those dark clouds disappearing...

G   C     C  F   C   Am  Dm  Em  F   G    C  F
C    Em  F  G  C  Ab

C#    Ab   C#
Even, as I breathe

Ab       Bbm   F#        Ab
Comes an angel to their keep.

C#      Ab      C#
Surely, if this is

Ab   Bbm     F#      Ab   C#
Promises are mine to give you.

Ab      C#
Mine to give...
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