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    17 Again

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    Peace Is Just a Word

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17 Again - The Eurythmics
Transcribed 04/03/00 by Mike Garoghan
Please email corrections to>
>>>>>>>>>>>> Mike@psiron.demon.co.uk

@ 17 Again


A       -x02220
Bmadd11 -x24430
Dsus2   -xx0230
Esus4   -022200
E       -022100
F#m     -244222
C#m/Ab  -446654
Bm      -x24432
C#m     -x46654
D       -xx0232
C#      -x46664
B       -x24442


E------------------------E x2

A             Bmadd11
Yay though we ventured
            Dsus2         Esus4   E
Through the Valley of the stars
A               Bmadd11  
You in all your jewellery
    Dsus2       Esus4  E 
And my bleeding heart
    F#m         C#m/Ab
Who couldn't be together
        Dsus2        Esus4    
And who could not be apart

We should've jumped out 
Of that airplane after all
Flying skyways overhead
It wasn't hard to fall
And I had so many crashes
That I couldn't feel at all

       A     Bm       C#m       D      Dsus2    
And it feels like I'm seventeen again
A     Bm       C#m 
Feels like I'm seventeen  

Times might break you
Godforsake you
Leave you burnt and bruised
Innocence will teach you
What it feels like to be used
Thought that you'd done everything
You didn't have a clue

And it feels like I'm seventeen again
Feels like I'm seventeen again  

Looking from the outside in
Some things never change

F#m C#  
Hey hey
      A             B    
I'm a million miles away
Bm                      C#
Funny how it seems like yesterday

All those fake celebrities
And all those viscious queens
All the stupid papers
And the stupid magazines
Sweet dreams are made of anything
That gets you in the scene

And it feels like I'm seventeen again
And it feels like I'm seventeen again

Seventeen seventeen again
Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Sweet dreams are made of this
Who am I to disagree
I travel the world and the seven seas
Everybody's looking for something
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